Rubber Mulch

There is no greener choice.

Rubber Mulch/Crumb Rubber has been manufactured for over 15 years and is comprised of 100% recycled rubber tires with no steel belting or threads.  Crumb rubber mulch is cleaner and safer for gardens, landscaping, and playgrounds than traditional materials.  Crumb rubber mulch is virtually maintenance free, and will not fade, compress or rot even after years of exposure to the elements - saving you time and money.  Completely earth friendly.

It is an environmentally friendly product with multiple applications.

     ▪   Gardens

     ▪   Residential Children's Playgrounds

     ▪   Commercial spaces

     ▪   Equestrian Footing

Why Use Rubber Mulch?

     ▪   Non toxic

     ▪   Drains Rapidly

     ▪   Resists Mold and Mildew

     ▪   Deters insects and rodents

     ▪   Retards weed growth

     ▪   Virtually Maintenance Free

     ▪   When properly installed and maintained, Rubber Mulch provides fall height protection

A 35 lb bag covers 15 square feet, 1 inch deep

A 750 lb bag covers 320 square feet, 1 inch deep

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch

There are 3 colours available, Mocha, Terracotta and Black

Bark Mulch



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