Rubber Products

Rubber Mats:  Interlocking tiles designed for the equestrian enthusiast, easy to clean and great for barns, stalls and decks.

Recycled Rubber Mats

Paving Tiles:  16" by 16" and offers the appearance of bricks or paving stones.

Recycled Paving Tiles

Designed to withstand the abuse of extreme conditions, these 100% recycled rubber mats and paving tiles are as versatile as they are beautiful.  Ideal for industrial, commercial, equestrian and domestic use for everything from garage floors to fatigue matting.

Speed Bumps:  6' long, 12" wide, 2.5 inches tall with reflective yellow and cat eyes.  They are easy to install and offer high visibility.

Recycled Rubber Speed Bumps

Parking Curbs:  6' long, 8" wide, 5" tall, weight 45 lbs.  They are easy to install and can be used to create walking paths for pedestrians.

Recycled Rubber Parking Curbs

Easy to install, a light weight alternative to conventional concrete, 100% recycled rubber speed bumps and parking curbs require only one person and a pick-up truck to install.

For added safety and visibility, rubber speed bumps and parking curbs are manufactured with built-in reflectors.



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